#Kansalaisrauha [Civil peace] panel discussion: "With whose voice do we speak when we speak?" - Gender equality,  non-discrimination and representation in culture and in society at large

Admission free

Fri 2 Feb at 17.00
Lower foyer, Music Centre

Panel: Lea Kantonen - Kirsi Pimiä - Anette Åkerlund - Marouf Majidi

Lea Kantonen is a visual artist and a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. She works as a researcher in the ‘Arts Equal’ project of the University of the Arts Helsinki.
Kirsi Pimiä has worked at the Ministry of Justice i.a. as a jurist, senior specialist, and the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman.
Anette Åkerlund is a flamenco singer. In her own words, Åkerlund says to represent the Roma community through her music.
Marouf Majidi is an Iran-born musician. He moved to Finland to start his studies at the Folk Music department of the Sibelius Academy in 2006.

The discussion is held in Finnish and moderated by Sibafest’s artistic director Atso Almila.


Panel discussions open to all return to delight information-hungry members of the public at Sibafest! This year’s topics have to do with the festival’s general theme, #Kansalaisrauha [Civil peace], reflecting on the present state of Finnish culture and society. The discussions will also touch on the festival’s four key composers: Toivo Kuula, Leevi Madetoja, Oskar Merikanto and Georg Friedrich Händel. The panel is moderated by Atso Almila, artistic director of Sibafest. The day-to-day programmes are to be published in the course of the autumn.

The lower foyer at the Music Centre also has a bar/café with a selection customised for Sibafest: coffee, soft drinks, sparkling wine and sweet and savoury after-work snacks.


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