Opening concert for all the people

Tickets: EUR 27/14.50 per part, combo ticket for both parts EUR 38/22.50 (Ticketmaster), admission free for children under 3 held in the adult’s lap
Sat 27 Jan at 17.00
Concert hall, Music Centre

Sibafest 2018 opens its festival week with a bang at an opening concert for all the people at the concert hall of the Music Centre! The programme is divided into two parts, with tickets sold separately for each or as a combo ticket.

17.00: All kinds of grumpy trolls
“There are many wonderful things in the world to surprise and amaze the small wanderer”
This family concert features the evergreen children’s songs of Marjatta Pokela, focusing on curiosity, acceptance of diversity, doing things together, joy and friendship. Let’s sing together, hold hands and make music that reaches from heart to heart. You can wear a costume if you like!

Sibelius Academy students and children
Muuttolinnut, the multicultural choir of Espoo Community College
Age recommendation: 3 or older.

18.30: Yhdessä! Together!
The Siba Folk Big Band and Global Orchestra join forces to celebrate the richness of cultural diversity, openness, friendship and collaboration, featuring performers from around the world. The unique and powerful sound of this singing, playing, dancing, double orchestra is complemented by internationally renowned jouhikko [bowed lyre] wizard Pekko Käppi. Ancient and recent, subtle and wild, local and global unite in this exciting new collaboration. The Karelian jouhikko sings with the western African balafon, rhythms from Nepal to Cuba intertwine with schottisch and polka, and the Herders’ Disco takes us from Finnish forests to Tanzanian villages. Expect a dynamic and inspiring concert full of music you never knew existed! 
The Sibelius Academy Folk Big Band is an award-winning folk instrument ensemble where ancient instruments meet with contemporary expression and creativity. The Global Orchestra draws on inspiration from the diverse musical cultures represented by the students of Sibelius Academy’s Global Music programme.  

KESTO: 1. part 50 min (break 35 min) 2. part appr. 60 min
BREAK: yes

Further information

Joni Käenmäki
040 710 4384

Janne Ikäheimo
040 710 4344