Inside – Sisäpiiri

 EUR 17.50/11 (Ticketmaster)
Sat 3 Feb at 17.00
Black Box, Music Centre

Inside – Sisäpiiri is an improvised performance about where to belong and how to find a place in 101-year-old Finland. What is it to be on the inside? What is it to be an outsider on the inside? Physical experiences translate into music, as the inner circle speaks. In this cross-discipline performance, musicians, actors and a reciter form a ring, leaving the audience outside to interpret the multitude of experiences on the inside.

Zipora Ogola and Harith Raad Salid, directors
Laura Eklund Nhaga, reciter
Juulia Pölönen, Matilda Bergman, Sanni Virta, Jenni Venäläinen, Makiko Oba, Matleena Kohonen, Roni Tuomivirta, music


Further information

Hans Tinell
040 710 4318