A Soldier’s Tale

EUR 17.50/11 (Ticketmaster)
Sat 27 Jan at 15.00
Sonore, Music Centre

Amidst the madness of the First World War, composer Igor Stravinsky set a Russian folk tale as a musical play entitled A Soldier’s Tale. A hundred years later, Stravinsky’s classic work remains a topical story of human greed and short-sightedness. This curious combination of drama and music is performed in a joint production by two schools of Uniarts Helsinki, the Theatre Academy and the Sibelius Academy.

Juho Mantere, director (Theatre Academy)
Tinde Lappalainen, set and costume design (Aalto ARTS)
Sami Roikola, lighting design (Theatre Academy)
Sibelius Academy chamber ensemble
Janne Nisonen, leader

Lauren Lehtinen, Sampsa Timoskainen and Roosa Söderholm (Theatre Academy)

DURATION: 60 min

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