null Musical migrants

Fri 31 Jan at 19.00
Concert Hall, Sibelius Academy building on Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 18/11,50 € (Ticketmaster), 15/10 € (Musiikkitalo)

Finland has been highlighted as one of the most discriminatory countries in the EU in several studies of recent years. Yet crossing geographical borders has been a way of life for musicians for centuries.

This programme highlights music written by composers who spent large parts of their careers abroad, for a wide variety of reasons: economic, political, cultural or personal.

The choral conducting class, with students from seven countries, conducts the Sibelius Academy Vocal Ensemble in music ranging from Josquin via Victoria and Liszt to Stravinsky and Saariaho. The concert also features recent works by two naturalised Finnish composers born in North America, Matthew Whittall and Alex Freeman.

Sibelius Academy Vocal Ensemble
Sibelius Academy choir conducting students

Note also a joint ticket for Haloa: Kuohu and Musical Migrants choir concerts on Fri 31 Jan.

Further information:
Mirka Rättyä, 050 526 2005,