null Signe / Selma Juudit Alessandra

Thu 30 Jan at 19.00
Concert Hall, Sibelius Academy building on Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu
Duration: 120 min
Tickets: 18/11,50 € (Ticketmaster), 15/10 € (Musiikkitalo)

The music of Signe skirts the edges of jazz, contemporary music and radio plays. Their signature sound comes from their unusual lineup: three voices and double bass. Signe invite the audience to join them in an intimate moment where space, time and narrative blend in a dreamscape.

The music of Selma Juudit Alessandra consists of songs with English lyrics that the ensemble perform with a sound world very much their own. Analogue synthesisers and misty vocals are spiced with rough edges and a narrative vein reminiscent of the singer-songwriter tradition.

Josefiina Vannesluoma, vocals
Riikka Keränen, vocals
Selma Savolainen, vocals
Kaisa Mäensivu, double bass and vocals

Selma Juudit Alessandra:
Selma Savolainen, vocals, effects, synthesisers
Artturi Rönkä, keyboards
Joonas Tuuri, double bass and bass guitar
Jesse Ojajärvi, drums and percussion

Further information:
Anna Huuskonen, 040 710 4384,